Evangelos Tsempelis (PhD) was born in Athens in 1971. He earned his degrees (BA) in history and international relations at Tufts University in the USA, Masters in Law and Diplomacy (MALD), with an emphasis on conflict resolution, at the Fletcher School, co-founded by Harvard and Tufts. After conducting doctoral studies at the university of Freiburg in Germany and the faculty of Education in Warsaw University, he earned his PhD in the philosophy of education with distinction from the University of Warsaw. He completed a seven-year-long intensive clinical training in Jungian psychoanalysis receiving his analytical diploma from ISAPZURICH. He is a member of the Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists (AGAP) in Zurich as well as a member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP). Evangelos has diverse professional experiences ranging from directing a humanitarian mission in Kosovo, working at the European Parliament in Brussels and directing an institute for European Affairs in Slovenia, to co-founding Stillpoint Spaces, an organization aiming to explore psychology in-depth inside and outside the consulting room. He has completed clinical internships in London (Westham Psychiatric Clinic-NHS) and in Minneapolis (PrairieCare). Additionally, he was a leading member of a research team that conducted a country-wide psychosocial survey on the state of mind of Kosovo communities. Evangelos has worked as an affiliated analyst at the Personal Development Program of IMD, Lausanne (2013, 2020). He runs a private analytical practice in Zurich. He offers tranches of sessions in Athens, which he periodically visits.

PS Gentle reader be aware that there is a way of writing CVs that habitually obscures the gaps and the aporias that inform a life process that never is as linear and clean-cut as the CV-format might suggest. My path has certainly included many turns, upsets and crises. These experiences inform as much (if not more) my analytical practice than any professional or academic “accomplishments”.